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A month of Thankfulness. . . . should be year round and minute by minute

Many of you do not know I survived a ‘should have been fatal’ car accident last year. By the Grace of God. This didn’t turn me into a ‘jesus freak’ because I already have a deep and abiding love for my maker. It did allow me to go forward with a passion for my life and how I can adapt to a better way of completing my 100 years on this planet. Yes. I plan on 100.
My blessings have been many. The good things, the bad things, the challenges, the mistakes, the successes, the peers, the friends, the lovers, the potential for more. . . . of everything. We all have the capacity for more and greater and our perspective is what holds us back. I’m learning daily.
So, I was reminded this morning of a yearly ritual by some of posting their THANKS daily on facebook or in a journal, choosing one thing each day to proclaim about their Thankfulness. There are no other rules, and it doesn’t have to be God-based. It’s just THANKS.
So, being the verbose writer and poster I love to be but never have time for, I’m choosing to post my Thankfulness Journal here, on my blog. Where it’s appropriate for me.
Here goes, and hoping that I can commit to it daily. <3

Day One: I am so thankful to be a part of this plane of existence with it’s multi sensory and contant reminder that I am alive and a feeling, sentient being.

Day Two: Hard to choose the next, but I’ve got 30 days. These can’t possibly be in order because they are all important. I am thankful for my surroundings – at any given time. They can stimulate, manipulate, aggravate, and move me. <3

Day Three: I am thankful for the children I have and that they are becoming independent; that I can be available to them and that I know their decisions are always learning opportunities for them – come good or bad. <3

Day Four: It’s only human to ponder which I should be thankful for next. We classify and rate everything, don’t we? As I said before, all are important. I’m thankful for knowing I can start and restart anything I put my mind to; whether after a fall or just a jump start. I know that if I don’t give up, anything can be accomplished.

Day Five: I am so grateful for shelter. . . . from the obvious to the mediocre including my home, my car, my work, an awning on a street, an umbrella, the trees, my front porch(!), a windbreaker. ;)

Day Six: Water. I am thankful it is what keeps us together, refreshes us, heals us, delights us. We would not BE without it. Sound, touch, vision. Memories, relaxation, excitement, competition, soothing moments.

Day Seven: Music. It absorbs me, takes me inside and outside of myself, soothes me, wraps me in joy, energizes me, allows escape, grounds me.

Day Eight: Family. I am so thankful to have one, both biological and by law. The immediate progeny, the distant forebears, the related spouses aunts uncles cousins and generations before and extended living today. How timely to see Zach Wahl’s testimony before I wrote this. Raised by gay women parents, he is in no way affected by their sexual orientation but is a healthy happy man with a more than likely great future ahead of him. I wish that for my children – a great future, not based on their parent’s personal decisions but on their own powerful senses of what is right for them. I am thankful to have had the womb of the family I was raised in and hope that the environment I’ve given to my own has allowed them to grow and become who they are meant to be, with success and happiness and a certainty of figuring out the hard stuff.

Day Nine: Food, drink, and all their combinations. :D

Day Ten: The elements! Wind, rain, sun, snow, sleet, hail, and all they command. Spending the morning on my front porch pulled a lot of them together. It was raining leaves. The sun, the wind, the sound of the spinning leaves on the street surface, the vision of the falling leaves, soft as feathers and colorful as a sunburst. I’m thankful I can witness the beauty in so many ways.

Day Eleven: Mechanization, technology, gadgets. The engineering and thought processes that create and recreate and improve the tool as well as improve our lives. I’m all about it. ;)

Day Twelve: Pets. Having them is a bit of work but so worth the unconditional love they bring back to us.

Day Thirteen: Usually an unlucky number for some. It has been occasionally for me but I’m fine with bucking the system over and over. ;D I’m thankful for logic, even when I don’t seem to want it. It is a gift of intelligence and solving problems. I’m a great puzzler and love knots, so sometimes logic comes in pretty handy.

Day Fourteen: Emotions – be they wonderful or traumatic. We FEEL. How great is that? It spurs us to do things to improve ourselves or each other.

Day Fifteen: I’m thankful for choices. It’s said that what you choose to think is what resonates to the world. Choosing the good over the bad is optimal. Finding out what is good and what is bad is the quest, then finally making a choice toward the good is the goal. Having choices and being able to make mistakes and more choices is the freedom we are blessed to experience.

Day Sixteen: The air we breathe. in and out. smells. filling the lungs with a great intake. meditative puffing. holding our breath under water and gasping for breath when we surface. The automatic response our body has to keep us breathing it.

Day Seventeen: Wildlife. Seen and unseen. Appreciated from afar, via internet and media, or close up.

Day Eighteen: I’m thankful for knowing I can just listen. The still small voice, the family and friends I cherish, the animals I tend, the everyday world around me.

Day Nineteen: Work. Physical, mental, spiritual. Paid, volunteered, necessary. Helpers, bosses, those who follow directions. . . . . and the results created by all efforts.

Day Twenty: Friends. Those who hold us together. Those who listen and remember our past. Those who don’t forget us. Those who want to be around us just because we are who we are. Those who are proud to call us a friend and support us in private as well as public. Those who don’t gossip about us but ask why someone else is. Those who support our version of the Truth – because that IS the truth. Those who include us in their other circles. Those who know we would do anything for them and offer it back in kind.

Day Twenty One: Helpers. Paid, volunteer, regular, on the spot, good Samaritans. When you help someone, you make your own life better.

Day Twenty Two: I’m thankful for TIME. It slips past second by second. We choose to use or abuse it, but it is constant. Learning to appreciate it for it’s tenacity.

Day Twenty Three: Design. Being able to appreciate it. Being able to do it. Having the capability and capacity to apply it to all compartments of my life. Knowing that we are all constantly designing whether we know it or not. Problem solving is the root. The final product is never done, just refined.

Day Twenty Four: I’m thankful for transportation and the ability to get from A to B and have the opportunity to do so.

Day Twenty Five: Stolen moments. It’s easy to miss them but when they happen, you know you’ve been graced.

Day Twenty Six: Those who care for you and about you. It means worlds.

Day Twenty Seven: I’m thankful that sometimes, when I ask something be done . . . it is. Not as easy as a few decades ago, but changing structures and situations deem it a learning curve and one of patience as well.

Day Twenty Eight: There are mornings where there is no tension. I love when all goes smoothly and my day starts with a clear head and good thoughts.

Day Twenty Nine: The hours of the day. From rising to hitting the pillow. Sun up to Sun down. Each one holds treasure, experience, work, rest.

Day Thirty: I’m so thankful for a body that continues to successfully get me through this life. It only lets me down if I don’t remember to take care of it. The body is a temple. <3

I hope if you've read this personal Thankfulness listing of what I've thought of, that you too can remember at least 30 things to be thankful for. Saying it helps lift spirit and starts the day off so well. . . .

Figuring through forays

DSC02246I’ve discovered some things. Foray is a way of seeking something out. You don’t always know what it is. You just know you have to have a go at it and keep the butterflies down until you can discern some answers.

Hiking alone usually does the ‘getting out’ for me. I can pace myself to a fitness level or I can slow down and look at everything. All the while, I am thinking and listening and letting the thoughts in my head collide explode dissolve or merge. It’s not only cleansing. It’s liberating.

In another way, meeting new friends is very similar. Some you crash into. Some you grow with. Some you make a move and hope they want to get to know you too. You don’t do this indiscriminately. Sometimes you think you do, but there’s always an inside track. It’s your id or some deep connection that is pushing you to go out and find out what it is that makes that person make you tick. Some will drive you crazy because you want to be around them always but cannot. Some are your ‘go to’ friends who you only need as a sounding board or drinking mate. Some are so in sync with you that you’d probably be roommates but know it’s best not to burn each other out.

The past few decades have honed my friends list. Many reasons include priorities I’ve chosen in Life. It does get difficult to find time to nurture friendships when you are raising children around a career and budget and little personal time. Now that the mele of Life’s pace has opened up a bit it’s been easier to find time to cultivate old friendships and harvest newer ones. It’s also allowed time to develop a personal priorities list of what makes me happy and fulfilled.

My path of discovery is also telling me things about myself that I need to see. I’m taking paths I have not explored before and I’m enjoying them. It’s nice to still have the alone time to digest and figure things out and make plans but I am putting myself out there even more than I used to. I think I can handle it.

Before being forced back to the working world again after raising my own children, I was doing things I’d always wanted to continue. Things I’d learned in my formative years up through college. They were still hunkered down in my deepest self. It was refreshing to know I still had the interests and the energy to pursue many of them. Now, in spare lots of time, I make plans to get out and do more. Mostly alone but hopefully with friends of like mindedness. Daring to start alone usually builds to finding others who share the same passions. It’s working. I’m living again. I’m loving it.

In Which She Has Determined She Is / Has Been Invisible

1002932_10200433711100086_1478505868_nBack momentarily from the time suck of Facebook.

It’s really a fun real-time or at least closer to real time interaction with people I know and love. I can post out of the box and usually do to the dismay of some who cannot decipher my crypticness. The ones who get it get it. The others just choose the tab that doesn’t allow them to see so many of my posts. I do it because it’s a quick fix to my creative spurts of thought and composition. I love to photograph. I love collecting quotes, I love in-the-moment inspirations. I pass them all on as I see fit or when it makes me happy or transversely soothes my soul.

It’s been noted that I should write a blog. ha. This started long before my facebook adventures. ;) I do miss blogging though and am hoping I can begin again and be regular enough to update posts here. I’m nothing special really but do like to say a lot and do a lot and just be out there. Hopefully you enjoy it and maybe it helps in a small way — or not. Blogs are not necessarily for the reader.

I’d like to write a story too. It’s in my head all the time but it’s got to be developed when I’m inspired and can focus. That may never happen, but if I brush up on my routine, it just may.

I may remain invisible to some. That is something I’m dealing with. see or don’t see. connect or don’t. I can’t make it happen. I can only continue to do what I do and hope it makes some small difference – either to me or maybe to someone else. Connections may come. They may not . . . .

Going out into the world again, so Hello out there to my readers and sorry for the sabbatical from this cyber world. I’ll be baaaaack though. !!

Alive, Plugged in, Existing

The past three years have been very down and very up and in-between most of the time. Blogging as a past-time was never my intent. I really love to do it. Facebook has been my go-to for a long time now just because of it’s instant voyeurism of my friend’s commentary, pictures, likes, and whathaveyou. I never meant to stop blogging but I guess facebook has become my instant flash to the world. ;) pun intended. I’m a good gurl. ;p

My kiddos are growing up. The oldest graduates from college this June. The middle one is a freshman in college and the youngest is ‘dealing’ with freshman year in highschool. This has freed up the Mom tasks a bit and allowed for more friend time as well as more paid work time! That was a necessity both times my husband lost his job(s). I kicked in and found whatever I could or asked for more hours whereever I’d been. One ‘ask’ turned into an assistant manager position. After that stint and the second lay-off, I found joy in photographing babies in the hospital one day after being born. Who knew. My talents were never wasted on all the interests I’ve held.

Now, I’m with a local chocolatier and using even more of my lifetime skills and talents and fueling my constant need to be doing something. I think I wear myself out most days! I hope to post more blog entries of interest but thought I should not just forget I had one for another day.



Oh the joys of kicking one’s feet up — 60 feet in the air! This was a big kid’s swing in Savage MD where we were SO savage after a 350 foot zipline. These girls know how to have fun!!! ;P

Why doesn’t she call???

Have you ever watched ‘Dancing with Wolves’? It’s a quote from the wagoneer who eventually gets killed by Plains Indians. ‘She’ probably got killed by them too.

Well, not so here, unless you consider that my current schedule is the culprit!

Mama’s got a brand new bag! I’m writing for the edition as a local insider. My title is Farmer’s Market Examiner. heeeeee

It’s a good fit since I love to cook and have a green thumb. No one would see how green my thumb used to be though. This past decade has kicked my butt! Being a stay at home mom is a lot of work and pays no more than the satisfaction of having raised your own children. I love it and hate it at times, but in the big scheme it is all worth it.

This is a fun job for me and I can combine many of my passions. If you’d like to follow my leads (pun intended), you can ‘subscribe’ to my articles at

So far, I’ve had ideas for every day and hope to build my readership (I get compensated by hits – not a bad start either) by posting five times per week, regardless.

Hey, I wasn’t getting paid for blogging! ;)

I’ve had two mini-interviews and plan to do a few more next week. I’m a people person once I warm up and this is definitely my arena. Don’t look for me in the Baltimore Sun ( 9 to 5 doesn’t suit) or as a featured commentator (butterflies on media!) but enjoy my adventures around Baltimore, hons!

Day of Rest?

Don’t get me wrong. Hmmm, starting out a blog entry with that is highly suspect, yes?

Today is Easter Sunday. The holiest Sunday of the year and a time for gathering with loved ones. Ours are all in Ohio other than this immediate unit of our own, so having 4 to hang out with is pretty much like most other Sundays. Except we have hard boiled eggs and candy! Some years, we travel, but lately the wallets are a bit tight so home was our vacation.

The morning started with groggy kids and adults getting up and ready for the church service. My youngest had played three games in a soccer tournament yesterday so was very sore, and happened to be very sunburned as well. The little old man was so sore and achy I decided to stay home with him. We mostly watched t.v. and facebooked on the laptop.

No egg hunt this year at home since he didn’t care one way or the other about it. I wasn’t planning on pushing it.

Friday night's entertainment

The decorated hard boiled eggs would have made a fun indoor hunt, but with all the recent rains and snowmelt, the ants have rediscovered new entries into our house. No dice. I’ve got enough to keep up with already! Bah humbug Peter Rabbit. ;p

So, husband and daughter go to and return from church then position themselves in front of the t.v. I decide I have to get out to enjoy the weather. Not being one not to have an agenda, I decide to set up the hammock we’d purchased last Summer in Key West. It was a replacement for the burned up one from last year’s yard fire.

I repositioned the hammock frame under the best part of the Pine, then carried out the hammock box plus new s-hooks and old chains. The neighbor’s dog has still not learned that I am neither a burglar or a vandal, so regularly barked at me without warning. Very annoying and soon I was having to be firm with my stare-em-down face, barking “No” back at him.

Quickly, I realized that I needed one more hook and possibly more heavy chain; so, I drove to the local HD to pick some up. Chain was easy and cut to size. Hooks were not so I went to the Lowes on the other side of town and found some other hardware that would work. This involved a stop at home in-between though (with dog barking) because I’d thought  I had everything the first time. Ah, measure twice cut once . . . sort of. It was still nice to get out in the weather and have the breeze with all the windows down.

I set up the hammock. Just as I eased into it with a good book, the neighbor started chipping their windfall/storm damaged tree branches. The other neighbor had guests arrive and gather on their back screened in porch. I was far enough from the chipper at the far end of the yard but the noise was outrageous. I could also hear everything said on the screened in porch because my shaded spot was no more than 10 feet away. They were not loud but it was distracting.  Trapped in-between and desiring some peace without having to move again, I forced my way through one chapter then tried to sleep away the noise and interruptions.

It didn’t work.

Eventually, the chipping stopped so I sat sideways in the hammock to read another chapter. I still had trouble concentrating over the small talk on the porch. Ungracefully exiting the hammock, I went inside. Ugh. The birds couldn’t even stick around. My pleasant reverie in the back yard had been spoiled.

Fortunately, I remembered my lawn chair on our front porch. My cat kept me company and I sat for about an hour ignoring any cars with loud mufflers. It was nice but I was not horizontal. Tomorrow, I’ll try again. Then, everyone should be at work!

I hope your holiday was filled with family, laughter, and good memories. I did speak to my Mom – Hey! Call Your Mom! heeeeeeee


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